Back-to-Work Box

Back-to-Work Box


Support her return to work with this special gift box. Carefully curated with all of the essentials she’ll need for her first week back at work after maternity leave.

Made with love in Minnesota.

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What's inside:

4x6 Frame

She can't show off the cutest baby ever without a photo frame. This contemporary one will do the trick.  


Truth: Moms don't sleep. So she'll definitely appreciate this energizing aromatherapy patch.  

Herbal tea

Hear that? It's silence. She might not be used to it, but she'll surely enjoy it as she sips this herbal tea. 

Facial tissues

Arm her with soft tissues in case of tears—from sadness, joy or otherwise.

Quote cards

She is rocking this mom thing. Don't let her forget it. 

Notebook and pen

Mom brain is real. This notebook gives her an outlet to journal, make lists, doodle and record memories.  

Please note: Products shown on this website may be slightly different from what is received.

Looking to make her return to work even more special? Consider a completely customized gift box unique just for her. Write us at for more information.