A company built with much love.

Katie Haun Schuring - founder


The idea for Much Love gifts – and in particular the Back-to-Work box - came when I returned to my professional career following the birth of my son.  Even though I was looking forward to being back, my first day – and truthfully the first few weeks – were hard.  I missed snuggling with my baby and felt guilty for leaving him with strangers.  How was I a good mom for being away from him? I went through a lot of tissues in those first few days. 

I got to thinking: How could I show my friends and co-workers coming back to work that I understood what they were feeling?  What could I do to ease their transition and encourage them?  Solution:  The creation of Much Love gifts which celebrates and empowers new and expectant parents with thoughtful, effortless, and high-quality gifts from birth to returning to work. 

Being a parent is hard – maybe the hardest job one has in life – show them they are not alone.

Thoughtful. Unexpected. Unique.